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  • EMAIL: jeremy@ajnci.com
  • ADDRESS: 1600 Newport Center Dr., #250, New Port Beach, CA 92662

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Creative Director
Jeremy Fletcher has served as Creative Director for The File Group for more than five years, overseeing all creative direction and design. Fletcher has helped push digital media and innovation through all levels of the real estate industry for The File Group - focusing on process and strategy to deliver compelling marketing initiatives. In addition to his role with The File Group, he also serves as the Creative Director for Legacy, an experiential marketing agency.
He is also the founder of the Ajnci, a creative design house in Miami that offers marketing, photography, design, development, and more. From Iowa, Fletcher began his career working for Brandon Goethals at the University of the Pacific and then at the PGA Tour. Over the last ten years, he has transitioned from Northern California to Miami where he took on the role as Creative Director for IPC, the purchasing arm for Subway restaurants.

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With over 50 years of combined sales and marketing experience, the File Group understands what is needed to promote and sell your home in the right light. The File Group is a team that not only provides knowledge and experience, but true professionalism through the selling and buying process.

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